Scented Jewelry Is On High Demand


Lisa Hoffman confirms that a new collection of luxury accessories is seeing a growing trend in the jewelries towards the scented accessories. Hoffman calls perfume jewelry is on the rise. Lisa Hoffman, founder and president of Luxury Jewelry partnered with Tom Binns to launch a new line of fragrance pieces. Though there is no clear picture about what would be the future of such pieces, available in department stores, Lisa believes that her new collection range will be successful, despite the cross boundaries. It will engage perfume consumers with accessories and vice versa, she said.

Lisa Hoffman has been in this beauty industry, working as a professional designer since 2007; she became an admirer of jewelry by Tom Binns when her husband, Dustin Hoffman (actor in profession) gifted her one of Tom’s creation on some occasion. She met Binns in LA to discuss about her concept of fragrance accessory line. She told WWD that Tom Binn just loved her idea, being fragrance and jewelry worn on the same places on the body. The more interesting part was to create something that has organic connection between perfume and jewelry, resulting in a stylish scented accessory, which is created to be as fragrant as possible in the most efficient method.

What Binns and Hoffman approached is an equal combination of both professionals; with the use of natural and eco-friendly materials, Tom Binns developed pod-shaped curved pendants, which could hold fragrance beads and effectively put them out via small vents. The perfumes are developed from Lisa’s beauty line, including Tuscan Fig, French Clary Sage, Tunisian Neroli, Madagascar Orchid, as well as Japanese Agarwood. She found it challenging to create a scented bead’s wood flour-based note. Tom Binns selected 5 metal varieties that would complement with her five perfumes, including brushed gold, rose gold, bronze, gold, and rhodium. All these are available for $250, while the cost of earrings and cuffs are $200 and $300 respectively. Some of them will be available in the market next month, while others would come by early 2013.

Needless to say, Binns and Lisa Hoffman hybrids are unique, helping to change the trend in the fashion industry. Last year, a company called Chloe released something similar, but with a different aesthetic. Their necklace with a simple pendant had the company’s signature fragrance. They had created it in very limited numbers and were available for just $60. Looks like, it’ll become a growing trend in the fashion industry.


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