Shell Oil Corp Obtains Approval to Begin Preliminary Artic Drilling


On August 30th 2012, the United States Obama Administration has made a shocking declaration that it will permit the well-known Shell Oil Corporation to start drilling in the nation’s Chukchi Sea even before its special oil spill suppression barge is all set, however not too deep to get in touch with oil.

For many weeks together, the challenging barge has actually slowed down Shell’s drilling campaign in the famous Alaska Arctic region. Presently, it is going through final inspections and work at a shipyard that is located at Bellingham, Wash.

Ken Salazar, United States Interior Secretary, has recently provided complete details on the latest resolution of the U.S administration to allow Shell to begin its drilling procedures. He mentioned that the freshly accepted work will include drilling down the sea bed downhill to nearly 1,400-feet or so, and is restricted to some particular preparatory operations.

He added that the recent approval from the U.S government doesn’t permit the Shell Organization to drill down into oil reservoirs. Most of the environmental groups severely criticized the latest decision from the administration, but Alaska Sens Lisa Murkowski and Mark Begich largely appreciated it.

The recent sources have reported that the oil spill suppression barge, which is the greatest Arctic Challenger has to be finished first, followed by plain inspections, and then do the lengthy journey to the ocean drilling sites, before Shell Corp can start drilling procedures deep enough to reach the oil rich regions. As per the latest stats from Shell, all those oil rich regions are present nearly 5,500 feet under the sea bed.

The Shell’s VP (Vice President) for Alaska, Pete Slaiby said that permitting the company to start well production at its esteemed Burger outlook is really a colossal move from the Obama government. He, along with other company executives sitting in the famous Frontier Building situated in Midtown Anchorage have realized the latest news by paying attention to the State’s  Interior Department recent press meeting over the speaker phone.

Slaiby mentioned that the company has been eagerly waiting to hear this final decision from the U.S government from nearly 6 long years. It is largely unfeasible that the firm will be able to create a well in the popular Chukchi Sea by the fall of this year without an expansion of the total drilling season. The foundational well operations has been started this year, and will provide a head start in the coming 2013 fiscal year.


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