Simple Hardware Hack Defeats Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone Password Security At Under $100


The FBI paid $1 million in December 2015 to a security company in order to hack into Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s iPhone. However, a Cambridge computer scientist announced that he succeeded in finding a method to crack the iPhone 5c passcode for under $100.

The man responsible for cracking the encryption of the iPhone is Dr. Sergei Skorobogatov, it was revealed that the $100 was invested into a test rig, which would be successful into bypassing the iPhone 5c Pin Codes.

How Did Sergei Skorobogatov Succeed In Cracking The iPhone Encryption

Skorobogatov explained in a short paper how he managed to break through the iPhone’s password protection. He illustrated how he simply removed the NAND flash chip (Responsible as the main memory storage component) of a sample phone and access its connection to the SOC. He then figured out the communication between the component and the phone and went on to clone the chip.

Doing this, one will be able to have potentially limitless attempts to enter the correct pin, as each chip offers 6 fresh attempts, once the six attempts have been used up, simply replace the flash chip with a newly cloned one and repeat.

Although this is certainly not an ideal solution intro cracking into an iPhone, it is certainly one that works. Skorobogatov disclosed that it took him 40 hours to crack into a 4 digit passcode. Therefore, the numbers of hours can scale according to the number of digits necessary. However, the process can also be scaled to ensure a faster turnaround time for hacked devices.

Can This Be Used To Crack The Passcode on All iPhones

Dr. Skorobogatov stated that he has a strong belief that if this method is developed further it will be able to access new iPhone models such as the iPhone 6, However, he indicates that more information is required on how Apple stores data in memory on the more recent iPhones


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