Superconductor Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:SCON) Ships Wires For Testing


Superconductor Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:SCON) reported yesterday that its newly launched highly tensile “Conductus wire prototype machine” has produced lab results which portend very high yield in the production environment. The company went on to report that it has already shipped these newly developed, superconductive semiconductor wires to nine of its top customers.

Conductus R wire Shipped to Customers for Testing

The AUSTIN, Texas based firm reported that in the past quarter, it had finished shipping huge quantities of its flag ship “Conductus(R) wire” to a total of 9 customers of which six of them are net new. Of the six new customers, five of them are in the first stage of testing out the wire in their production environment, where as the other four have progressed to the second level of testing. The testing at the customer sites is happening on both the 10 mm and the 4 mm diameter wires. These “Conductus(R) wire” are designed to conduct electricity as high as 450 AMPS per Cm and are currently being stress tested for various application including the “fault current limiters and power cables.”

Importance of Ongoing Evaluations to Company’s Prospects High

Commenting about the importance of the ongoing testing at the customers end to the overall    evolution of the firm’s products, Adam Shelton who is Superconductor Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:SCON) VP of marketing and product line has been quoted to have said that, “Over the past three months, our pilot production RCE-CDR equipment has produced wire that achieved very high critical current performance. We are especially encouraged that our fully loaded RCE-CDR pilot equipment produced Conductus wire with over 90% of the output performing at an average of 350A/cm. This production milestone clearly demonstrates, on a pilot level, the effectiveness of STI’s proprietary technology.”


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