Tennessee’s Auto Assembly Plants Are Growing: Nissan GM and VW Planning to Expand Facilities


Within 2 years after Chattanooga’s VW facility started making automotive, officials predict that the production level is likely to touch 150,000 mark for which the plant initially was constructed. It is estimated that the next year plant would build another 180,000 cars as Volkswagen tweaks the plant to add some more capacity. The news has been confirmed by the chief executive of brand’s operation, Franck Fischer.  Talking at the Southern Auto Conference held at Chattanooga, Franck said the capacity to be added extra depends upon sales figures that will be generated over the coming months.

All 3 of the automotive that established their assembly plants in Tennessee are expanding; officials revealed about to the mass of 500 people who attended the meeting of company from Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee.

Smyrna Tennessee factory to Recruit 1200 New Staff Members

Director for North American branch of Nissan, Donald Stoegbauer said that itsSmyrnaTennesseefactory is hiring 1200 more workers in support of production of their vehicles, including all-electric Leaf. He confirmed that the new Rogue crossover will be built inTennessee, shifting fromJapan. Since there is high demand of the crossover in the area near theTennesseeplant, company found it correct to build it where it sells them. Moreover, a battery facility to support the new Nissan Leaf has begun production and the plant is capable enough to build at least 200,000 every year.

Nissan Planning a New Plant at Decherd

Nissan is going to add engine plant at Decherd, Tennessee and will start developing electric-drive motors in next year. Earlier this year, workers dug ground to develop engines for Nissan-Renault/Mercedes Benz venture.

GM Joins the Party Too

General Motors is already a big player in South and company is firming their position as a lead by making some changes in their manufacturing facility atSpring Hill,Tennessee. It employs more than 1800 people and will be hiring few more to cope with the extended production. The production of the Equinox SUV started earlier this year as well as the assembly operations.  GM also builds engines and parts stamping at its 7million sq-ft plant.

Franck Fischer said that as soon as the production of the Passat sedan starts in Tenn., they will start prepping for the next model. The approval process of any vehicle by top company officials is a 2-step process, he explained… First, they have to make a decision whether or not to build the model and then where. He said production of vehicles at Tenn. Plant will complete slightly higher than it was predicted. Not just in terms of quantity, but even in the level of quality, their vehicles are the best – he added!


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