The Influence of Mobile Applications in Modern Auto Businesses


Mobile applications continue to have an overwhelming influence on each and every facet of the car procurement and possession experience. As a result of their ease of usage, greater speed, and better depth of standard features, mobile apps are considered extremely effective in bringing in new customers for the automotive dealerships.

Users Are Becoming Mobile Frenzy

As a matter of fact, they have turned into a basic requirement for all authorized dealers regardless of brand, to outshine in the present-day’s auto market. Approximately 46 percent of all United States citizens presently own a brand new smartphone device, and ownership is more likely to improve nearly by 30-percent during this financial year.

As reported from the well-known Internet and American Lifecycle assignment of Pew Research Centre, total application downloads gage in the billions at present, while the total number of grown-up smartphone users who have downloaded an application has almost doubled up in the previous year. At present, the time that most of the users spend with applications has clearly surpassed the amount of time that they devote in normal web surfing.

Folks Spend 94 Minutes/Day on Their Mobile Apps Usage

As per the recent stats from Flurry Analytics, the modern-day tablet and smartphone users spend nearly 94-minutes per day with mobile application as compared to a meager 72-minutes exhausted surfing through the web. In simple words, at present more and more users are inclining to access data through mobile applications. Apps have turned into the most influential platform ever in the history for directing commerce and handling consumer associations.

Some More Interesting Stats

From a renowned mobile app known as “Driver Connect”, it has been clearly noted that the average consumer devotes almost 21-minutes in the application with every visit, against an average of 5 or so minutes exhausted on an auto dealer official website. Furthermore, twice as much website pages are watched by the application consumers than an average trader site. Even though, mobile apps have a substantial impact on auto consumers, the uniqueness generally wears off rapidly if the application is not well constructed or fails to provide useful tools as expected by users.

As per Pew Research Centre’s Kirsten Purcell, it is actually fundamental that an application becomes sticky, which means that it is engaged by as a minimum of 30-percent of app downloaders. The dealers must provide consumers with clever, useful tools, and real-world value in their normal life that keeps them coming back to the application regularly, or their fingers might go on to hit the delete button.


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