Twilio Inc (NYSE:TWLO) Acquires WebRTC Media Processing Technologies From Kurento


Through a definitive agreement, Twilio Inc (NYSE:TWLO) is set t acquire proprietary WebRTC media processing technologies. The acquisition is the first for the leading cloud communications platform company, which follows its successful IPO in June. Apparently, the team that built the WebRTC media technologies is also the team that is behind the building of Kurento open source WebRTC media server. Seemingly, there is a joint mission between Twilio and this team as according to Twilio’s CEO and co-founder, Jeff Lawson.

The completion of the transaction whose financial terms are not known yet means that the company also means put the team on board alongside the technology that wasn’t open source. But the open source project and its community remain in the hands of Tikal Technologies in Spain. However, Twilio will still keep in touch with Tikal in an effort to maintain and perhaps improve the Kurento project.

The power in the expensive but specific technical expertise

The world revolving at a high speed has necessitated huge competition within the technological industry. Developers must now look out for new capabilities to address the most advanced needs of various enterprises. It is for this reason that Twilio has taken a new step to fuel the future of communications, a move that Lawson says they are excited about.

The adoption of video communication is still in the ages of conferencing systems and face-to-face application. This has been due to the unavailability of mobile and web developers that would enable advanced uses of video that require real-time media processing. Nonetheless, Luis Lopez, CEO, and co-founder of the Kurento project says that it has allowed the creation of a powerful media processing engine whose success has been tagged to its straightforward and well-built API. Coincidentally, Twilio has one of the best sets of APIs.

The market is rather competitive

As developers embark on networking and as firms seek buyouts from each other, the market is not asleep. Twilio joins the competition of other startups the likes of, which has an independent WebRTC monitoring service. While at this, Twilio also has the plan to open up a new office in Madrid, Spain in an effort to address the global needs of its customers. It is already in London, Mountain View, Munich, New York City, Bogotá, Dublin, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Tallinn while the headquarters remain in San Francisco.


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