U.S. Politics Corrupted by Legalized Bribery


The decision made by the Supreme Court six years ago influenced U.S. politics in an adverse way, corrupting the whole election process by infusing billions of dollars into campaign financing and basically legalizing “bribery,” says Former President Jimmy Carter.

Erroneous Ruling

Responding to the Iowa caucuses, Carter talked about the landmark Citizens United decision made by the Supreme Court in which the legislative body equated free speech and campaign spending, labeling it an “erroneous ruling”.

Referencing the $43 million spent by Republican candidates and the $16.8 million spent by Democratic candidates on television advertising, he commented that the starkest change in politics since the time he ran and was elected president forty years ago was the overwhelming domination of money in the process. The fact that some candidates, such as Trump, can use their own money while others have to raise hundreds of millions just to get a nomination on their party’s side shows the huge difference to elections of the past.

Unfair Advantage

The situation as it is now, where the rich are in a position where they can “invest” unlimited funds into electing their preferred candidate makes it possible for legal bribery to prevail, making any candidate, no matter which party they belong to, totally dependent on such funds to be able to mount a campaign.

Carter claims that with this process, it is the middle and working class that end up being denied an opportunity to improve their life situation and living standard. Considering that rich people were the ones who financed the elected politician’s campaign, when that candidate starts their term they will make majority of their decisions according to what the rich people require. In this way the rich will only increase their wealth, while the middle class gets overlooked.

This statement is supported by the statistics as all the latest research shows that the middle class is at best stagnant, if not seeing a reduction in the income they receive for doing the same work they have always done.



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