United Automotive Sales Obtains More Ground, Rising Almost 13-Percent in September


In spite of neutral economy conditions in United States, the automotive industry is consistently rolling along since the nation experiences one among the most steady growth cycles that it has undergone in many years.

Almost all car manufacturing companies that are operating in the country have recorded considerable improvement in the overall sales numbers yet again, and thus continues a trend that looks not to end any time shortly as customers are taking full advantage of the present low interest finance schemes, and wish to substitute their aged vehicles.

It has been said that the stable flow of consumers to all authorized car showrooms in U.S. is actually allowing automakers to plan better manufacturing schedules, prevent any kind of price wars, and greatly enhance overall earnings. The automotive industry in the nation has managed to trade nearly 1.2-million models in 2012 September, which is clearly a rise of almost 13-percent as compared to sales numbers that were recorded during the same period last year.

Jessica Caldwell, a well-known market analyst from Edmunds.com recently told that there is one common belief among almost all car makers and auto dealers that vehicle sales are actually enabling into cruise control, which is in fact a good impression for a business that’s felt well above its market share in the past few fiscal years.

The auto industry in United Stateshappened to get a huge strike during the recent recession, which has forced to undergo a clearly noticeable reformation, and perceiving a drop in insist for new cars. As per the recent reports, the very impressive turnaround of the auto business is expected to play a vital role in the upcoming 2012 US Presidential Elections, and it will certainly be the major subject of the very first Presidential discussion on October 3rd 2012, which will totally concentrated on the growth of economy.

A leading automotive market expert working at a famous research company Gartner Inc., Thilo Koslowski most recently said that the auto sales figures would make a real good report to voice, particularly for the present President Barack Obama, who propelled the industry’s massive $85 billion bailout. On the other hand, Mitt Romney, the Presidential Elections nominee from the Republican Party, told that he would have clearly opposed the auto industry bailout.

Koslowski added that a huge share of sales improvement is actually coming from the country’s pent-up demand, which was the outcome of the massive decline that took place during the recession.


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