Unveiling the Vegetarian Lifestyle


The vegetarian diet is the practice of refraining from consuming animal product and is a lifestyle ramped with misconceptions, myths, and mystery and is often considered as a nutritional regime for activists. In reality, with copious wellness and health benefits, the vegetarian diet is far more normal these days. It is illustrated by the several vegan dishes at vegetarian restaurants, expanding exponentially by setting example of high-profile celebs who have adopted a vegetarian diet.

It became more popular when Oprah Winfrey announced a vegan diet for 3 weeks in 2008 and asked her staff to follow the same routine. Bill Clinton former US president adopted a vegan diet after a cardiac surgery in 2010 and reports say his daughter Chelsea Clinton had already turned into a vegetarian. In 2010, Bloomberg Business week declared that many US CEOs are adopting a vegan diet, such as Russell Simmons, Mortimer Zuckerman, and Steve Wynn.

Koya Webb, author of ‘Koya’s Kuisine’ provides these vegan facts, offering fundamental facts and clarifies myths about the vegan lifestyle. She is an internationally recognized health and wellness author, speaker, motivational author, and expert, who is helping to update the holistic living and vegan cuisine landscape.

She has given 6 points about vegan diet, motivating participants to live a more active and healthier lifestyle.

She says vegetarian diet is tastier; many folks think that vegan food is tasteless and poorly covered proteins. She says it could have been true in the past, but nowadays, there is a wealth of vegetarian food with yummy tastes and flavors, from lasagna to chili, and other Italian foods, prepared from fresh vegetables, seeds, and fruit nuts. Other key ingredients, like sauces, herbs, and spices have made the food tastier.

She says people who are trying to minimize dietary sugar are unwilling to eat lots of fruits; however, the vegan diet allows eating as much fruits as they wish.

The meat quality is biggest concern in today’s marketplace, while issues of contamination, chemicals, excessive hormones, and toxicity abound. Going veg can protect anyone from degenerative diseases.

The vegan diet consumes fewer resources, causing less damage to environment. Organizations, such as PETA show that animal hunting or cultivation is directly linked to water pollution, decline in biodiversity, land degradation, and climate change.

The vegan lifestyle isn’t about deprivation; people can still enjoy eating their favorite dishes, including cheesecake, ice cream, and many other deserts.

The body gets benefited a lot by opting for a vegan diet as it has higher amount of vitamin C, E, saturated fat, folic acid, magnesium, dietary fiber, and iron.


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