Users Increasingly Watching Online Content on Televisions


Inspite of the availability of laptop, PC, smartphone, and tablet choices for viewing online content, around 20% of the consumers still opt to access it via TV sets.

According to a new study conducted by NPD DsiplaySearch, around 18% of the users who were surveyed across fourteen countries are still switching on their televisions to watch media and movies through 3rd party devices like set-up boxes and Blu-ray players.

The research director of consumer insights in NPD, Riddhi Patel stated televisions are turning out to be consumers’ choice of devices, especially due to the fact that many TV sets are built with either built-in connectivity or they can be connected to net through a peripheral device.

Among the consumers who were surveyed, 25% of them said that they saw online content on their television many times in a week. However, laptops and desktop PCs are still the top source for watching online content, while mobile gadgets such as smartphones and tablets are gaining around. Though, not all are rushing to purchase a TV set with inbuilt internet access.

NPD discovered that 44% of the contestants had no interest in watching content on their televisions. Another 30% said that they did not have the essential devices and only one third of them were keen on accessing internet via a Blu-ray player.

Patel said even if the results varied depending on country, the results showed that there was still a lack of interest in watching online content through television. She attributed this to the device usage other than televisions to watch online content in addition to the lack of infrastructure and expertise to link their existing televisions to internet.

Inspite of the trends that are changing with time, the daily usage of TVs to watch online content still is less than 30 percent in many of the countries, as per the reports from NPD.  In the meantime, China leads the list in terms of most aggressive Internet-on-Television watching, which NPD attributed to user interest in viewing foreign programming, which may not be offered in Asia.

During the survey that was conducted by NPD, they questioned almost 14,000 individuals in Asia, France, UK, Brazil, Italy, Germany, Russia, US, and Mexico as to which devices they used to watch content, and the frequency at which they viewed online videos from firms like Hulu or Netflix.


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