The Veterans Health Administration Ascertains The Availability And Use Of Quell From Neurometrix Inc (NASDAQ:NURO)


There are significant efforts by Neurometrix Inc (NASDAQ:NURO) to augment the accessibility of Quell Wearable Pain Relief Technology to veterans. In partnership with Marathon Medical Corporation, a Service Disabled Veterans Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), the company will be seeking to alleviate the veteran’s chronic pain. The company’s completion of the registration process to obtain the U.S. federal government’s System for Award Management (SAM) gives it the rights to sell its products to any federal government entity.

The involvement of SDVOSB is of essence because of its distribution capabilities hence it will enhance the identifications of sufficient supply channels. According to Shai Gozani, M.D., Ph.D., President and CEO of Neurometri, the move will increase the number of people that can access technology. After all, the company’s strategy is to offer Quell directly to consumers.

Identification of alternative approaches will help

The partnership between NeuroMetrix and SDVOSB should be able to foster a cohesive relationship to the benefit of veterans who want to try Quell for pain relief. The beauty in all this is that the Veterans Health Administration has expressed its commitment to identifying optional approaches to pain management. Gozani says that they are aware of the need for opportunities for veterans, which made public during the VA Health Summit in May 2016.

Having innovative products is a drive for many organizations as John St. Leger, President, and CEO of Marathon Medical Corporation explains. The CEO emphasizes that utilization of the company’s expertise enhances competitive delivery of medical supplies into the VA, which in return makes more accessible. Gerard DeWind is one of the many veterans that have experienced the impacts of Quell through his local VA hospital. DeWind who suffers from chronic pain, points out that his use of Quell has enabled him to get some quality sleep.

Learn about Quell and NeuroMetrix

NeuroMetrix is the lead supplier of Quell, the advanced lightweight wearable device that is designed for millions of people suffering from chronic pain. A recent study revealed an 83% improvement in Quell users and the good thing about the device is that it can be adjusted discreetly through the use of Quell Relief app. The innovation in it has so far won the 2016 SXSW Innovation Award for Best Wearable Technology.

Among other programs that NeuroMetrix has is the therapeutic device for restless leg syndrome and more often than not it gets involved in active research efforts.


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