Virginia Fashion Week Levels the Kinks


Virginia Fashion Week (VFW) used to be held at Waterside Festival Marketplace and now it is moving its 2-day events to Norfolk zone, near Selden Arcade River. The shift in the part of modification made to the annual fashion show has up made for its schedule of extravaganza to be held from October 17 to October 21.

Venue Revamped to Prep Up for the Show

The owner of Splash Model Management and creator of VFW, Ann Leister, said that moving towards Norfolk landmark gives them a more artistic feel. They upped their venue and standards, bringing them back on track. The inaugural function of the VFW held back in 2007 was organized at Contemporary Art Center of Virginia Beach. Transforming the Selden Arcade into an art house, it is serving as house of the interactive designs hold of the art center.

Planners of the fashion show have been acclaimed for lighting activity at the riverside. Previous year, the area issued a declaration honoring the show for the pool of talent it displayed and its offerings to the economic improvement. Like Waterside, Selden Arcade is identical to Norfolk’s zone waterfront, though it has a much cavernous history. It was built in 1931, connecting Plume and Main streets.

New Loungewear Lingerie in the Line-Up Too!

Amongst the gazebo designers returning to take part in the event are Azi Blas, Brehon Williams, Michael Taylor, Stephon Stallings, Mikasa La’Charles, and Willie Hall. Besides these, Foxers’s latest spring collection of loungewear lingerie will also be a big attraction, which is liked by many celebs, including Alicia Keys. About 30 designers are expected to display their collections and are yet to decide who’ll take the first day slot and who’ll be given the fifth and last day.

VFW is also associated with Norfolk’s society, the campaign for the prevention of animal killing and harassing. During a part of weekend shows, models will walk the runways with kittens, which will be later displayed on websites for adoption. The Fashion week isn’t just meant for youngsters; Saturday noon show will feature kid’s clothing line at the Todd Rosenlieb Dance Theater, Norfolk. What have been deleted from this season’s fashion week are hair, makeup competitions, and bridal components.

Ann Leister said that the whole team is addressing few things that didn’t work last time, such as emerging-designer competition in which the wrong winner was declared. The emerging designer lists have been prequalified and will be more like a showcase rather than a contest. A ticket is required for all the days, Wed to Sunday events and prices vary.


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