Vitesse Semiconductor (NASDAQ:VTSS) Joins The Broadband Forum


Integrated circuits and semiconductor manufacturer Vitesse Semiconductor (NASDAQ:VTSS) has announced yesterday that it is joining forces with various other industry players in the collective effort to develop “Advance Ethernet Networks”. The industry forum which is taking the shape of a consortium is determined to share the future technology developments in the stream of “Broadband, Wireline and Ethernet” domains.

Joining Of Forces

 Vitesse Semiconductor Corporation (NASDAQ:VTSS) which occupies a market leader position in the cutting edge and highly competitive Advanced IC and Solution boards space has officially become a paid up member of the “broadband forum” which boasts of a still growing membership of 200 tech and services providers of various shapes and sizes. The grouping has seen participation from a host of industry’s leading equipment manufacturers too, which adds to the significance of any new technology developed by the grouping.  The forum has set itself the task of shaping the future technical developments which would guide the evolution of present day Ethernet networks to the tech superhighways of the immediate future.

Win Win For All Concerned

Explaining the importance of joining hand with the industry leaders to Vitesse Semiconductor Corporation (NASDAQ: VTSS) development as a market shaper, Martin Nuss who is the company’s Chief Technology Officer has been quoted to have said that, “Vitesse has a rich history developing technologies and solutions for communications networks . As Ethernet permeates global broadband networks, we constantly seek ways to better understand and serve the needs of service providers and their customers. Our technical experts look forward to working with the other Broadband Forum members to standardize the technical specifications and best practices needed for tomorrow’s Ethernet-based broadband networks.”

The Broadband Forum hopes to leverage the extensive knowledge and skill sets that Vitesse Semiconductor Corporation (NASDAQ:VTSS)  has developed over the years in the Ethernet IP space to help the grouping come up with new solutions which will accommodate convergence in broadband networks.


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