Weekly Monitor: Inotek Pharmaceuticals Corp (NASDAQ:ITEK), Biocept Inc (NASDAQ:BIOC)


Inotek Pharmaceuticals Corp (NASDAQ:ITEK) pulls positive data from Phase 1 study of glaucoma drug candidate

Results from Phase 1 study of Inotek Pharmaceuticals Corp (NASDAQ:ITEK)’s glaucoma drug candidate trabodenoson were recently published in the Journal of Ocular Pharmacology and Therapeutics (JOPT). Some 70 adult volunteers participated in the study. The findings of the study supports clinical development of trabodenoson for the treatment of glaucoma.

The Phase 1 trial was focused on determining the efficacy, safety and tolerability of trabodenoson in combating glaucoma in healthy adult volunteers. The study met its primary endpoints in all the three areas of focus. Trabodenoson is a glaucoma treatment that helps to lower intraocular pressure (IOP). It does that by acting at the trabecular meshwork (TM).

Inotek Pharmaceuticals Corp (NASDAQ:ITEK) said the Phase 1 trial was a multi-dose study. Besides hitting the primary endpoints, the other notable outcome of the study was that trabodenoson did not show side effects even at higher dose level. With that, Inotek says that study adds to the body of the compelling clinical data about the drug’s safety and efficacy.

With solid efficacy, safety and tolerability data, Inotek Pharmaceuticals Corp (NASDAQ:ITEK) hopes to be successful when it finally seeks regulatory approval for commercialization of the treatment. Inotek’s trabodenoson is being studied at other levels such as Phase 2 trial on patients with ocular hypertension.

Biocept Inc (NASDAQ:BIOC) expanding international distribution network

Biocept Inc (NASDAQ:BIOC) is following through with its growth strategy to expand distribution network of its cancer detection products outside the U.S. In a recent development, the company expanded international distribution of its Target Selector platform in Mexico. That followed a deal that saw the distribution of the product expanded to Israel.

Biocept Inc (NASDAQ:BIOC) said that Quest Diagnostics Inc (NYSE:DGX) will be responsible for carrying out cancer test on its Target Selector platform in Mexico. However, Biocept didn’t disclose the financial details of its agreement with Quest.

What does that deal with Quest mean?

The agreement with Quest further expands Biocept’s international distribution network for Target Selector. But as Biocept’s CEO, Michael Nall, puts it, the inking of international distribution deals also shows that their cancer detection platform is scalable. As such, the company will not pass any opportunity to take the technology to the medical communities worldwide.

What does Target Selector do?

Biocept Inc (NASDAQ:BIOC)’s Target Selector platform is designed to capture and analyze tumor DNA so as to detect mutations linked to lung, breast, prostate, gastric, skin and colorectal cancers. As such, Biocept provides liquid biopsies for the analysis of these cancers.

Broadening international deals

Biocept will continue to see international distribution deals for its Target Selector platform as it seeks global expansion and wider reach. The agreement with Quest for the coverage of Mexico’s cancer screening follows the deal with Progenetics to take the Target Selector platform to Israel.

As with the case of Quest, Biocept Inc (NASDAQ:BIOC) also did not disclose the financial details of the agreement with Progenetics. Nevertheless, it said that signing Progenetics was one of the international deals it hopes to ink with distributors to make Target Selector popular abroad.



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