What Netanyahu’s Interference in US Election Means to Romney and Obama


Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel Prime Minister spoke at the United Nations Gen Assembly about what he’s at the least expecting from US; he demands from the current US president Barack Obama just to set ‘red lines’ for Iran’s nuclear programs. It looks as though Mr. Benjamin is interfering in ongoing presidential ballots, fueling rifts with Barack, supporting republican candidate Romney.

The supporters of Obama claim that Netanyahu is trying to enlarge the scales against Obama in the elections.  Observing his recent acts, it looks as though these claims are correct. It is recognized that Israel Prime Minister may be meddling in the elections and this could further complicate the foreign policy debate and can create diplomacy between Israel and US.

Mr. Netanyahu all of a sudden started pushing for Washington to set new ‘red dots’ on Iran’s nuclear weapons. On Sep 11, he warned that US failed to set a moral right to place a red line before Israel. At the start of this month, he complained that Barack Obama was ignoring Israel’s leader to take a meeting during the United Nations General Assembly. Though Mr. Obama called the prime minister in the same day to talk about the issue, Netanyahu says US president wasn’t being tough enough to Iran.

His strong-willed efforts to underline the small bridges between his and Obama’s administration have increased accusations and he urges American people to elect his old friend, opponent candidate Romney. Observers who blame Netanyahu of meddling include expert columnists with the Time Magazines, New Yorker, the New York Times, Ha’Aretz, and Shaul Mofaz, Israeli opposition leader.

On the other side, few veteran commentators believe that Netanyahu’s interference is nothing to do with ongoing election campaign. The prime minister has himself assured experts that he isn’t going to be drawn into US presidential election. The trouble with authoritatively trying to prove or refute such claims at this moment is that practitioners of supporters meddling have strong motivations at the time to refuse their true aims, shedding their support for favored candidate in terms of policy problem rather than personal choice.

Few experts believe that it might take few years before contestant start confessing their true intentions  The current scenario is highlighting that Mr Netanyahu is interfering in US election in order to set his goals. He has longstanding good relationship with opponent Mitt Romney and a fraught connection with current president Barack Obama. Regardless of who takes the victory, the American President is likely to remember Israel Prime Minister’s behavior during this critical period.


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