Are These The Right Priorities For EnteroMedics Inc. (NASDAQ: ETRM)?


EnteroMedics Inc. (NASDAQ: ETRM) recently reported patient success with both its vBloc Therapy and vBloc Achieve and now the management of the company is drawing out its priorities. What is it? Obtaining reimbursement for vBloc Therapy and vBloc Achieve procedures.

According to EnteroMedics’ CEO, Dan Gladney, reimbursement will help to expand the availability of vBloc Therapy in order to reach many people who can benefit from the therapy.

What are the EnteroMedics Inc. (NASDAQ: ETRM) therapies about?

EnteroMedics Inc. (NASDAQ: ETRM)’s vBloc Therapy and vBloc Achieve are aimed at the obesity market. They help overweight to take control of their body weight and live a healthier life. Specifically, vBloc Therapy is designed to address hunger and craving signals as part of weight loss support program. On the other hand, vBloc Achieve is designed to help obese people with emotional support. Think of it as a therapy that helps people trying to lose weight to make positive lifestyle decisions such as regular exercise and balanced eating. As such, vBloc Achieve helps patients to achieve long-term weight loss success.

Have they worked anywhere?

A number of institutions have integrated vBloc Therapy and vBloc Achieve into their programs to fight obesity. Those procedures have transformed the lives of many patients. For instance, patients at the Beltline Bariatric and Surgical Group who received combined treatments of vBloc Therapy and vBloc Achieve registered remarkable improvement in their condition. A patient there lost about 25 pounds in three months after he failed to achieve his desired body weight with existing treatment options.

Charles Procter, a surgeon at the Beltline Bariatric who performed the vBloc operations, expressed his excitement with the performance of the therapy and said that he was looked forward to using the therapy in more obesity patients in the future.

Besides weight loss, the patient at the Beltline Bariatric also registered improvement in quality of life including his hypertension after undergoing the vBloc Therapy and vBloc Achieve procedure.

EnteroMedics Inc. (NASDAQ: ETRM)’s vBloc Therapy is an obesity treatment that has been approved for use in people who are aged 18 years and older, who are also afflicted by other health obesity related health condition such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure or Type 2 diabetes.


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