What’s New This Week in Video Games?


As usual, there are a handful of exciting releases in video games this week to entice the gamers around the world; let’s take a look at some of the prominent ones –

Dishonored – Xbox 360, PC – Dishonored is the first-person action game casting you as mystical assassin. With the flexible combat system, you can eliminate all the targets and combine with the supernatural abilities, unused gadgets, and weapons. You can follow your enemies under darkness and can ruthlessly attack with the weapons.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown – Xbox 360, PlayStation 3

It is an action strategy game from award winning creators. It is threatened by an unknown enemy known as XCOM. You can control the global defence in the battle against alien invasion.

Fable: The Journey – Xbox 360

It is a new game that is releasing this week. Here, you have to take the roll of Gabriel and need to defend the Albion. It will be an action packed adventure game.

Mass Effect 3: Retaliation is a multi-player DLC game, which brings collectors into ME3 world.

Ghost Recon:

Khyber Strike in the game features 3 new multiplayer maps and also a multiplayer game mode known as “Takeover”. There will be a Guerrilla Mode co-op map, new achievements, and increased level cap.

Just Dance 4:

New franchisees take the game to a new level with different game modes, new features, stylish environments, and coaches.

Dragon Ball Z Kinect – Xbox 360:

Here you can enter the Dragon Ball Z world in a new manner. It features iconic characters, epic battles, and famous attacks. It lets you unleash the new super Saiyan.

Pokemon Black v2/White v2 – DS

The storyline of Pokeman has been continued from one game to another game.  In the White Version 2 and Black Version 2 games, the player will be able to explore the new areas, and discover the gyms with new leaders and see how things changed in past 2 years.

Happy Wars – Xbox 360 – It is a multi-player action game that offers you various comic-style characters. It takes place in different fantasy battlefields, which includes grasslands against over-the-top combat arenas.

Port Royale 3:

You will be a young sea captain in the game, the main aim of which is to become a powerful man in this universe. Here you can choose 2 different campaigns available. You can be a trader or adventurer.

Harry Potter Kinect – Xbox 360

You can get the new Harry potter game on KINECT for Xbox 360. You can scan your face to create the Avatar here and can play the game with new Avatar that looks like you


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