What’s Robert Half International Inc. (NYSE:RHI) Paying For Dividends?


Robert Half International Inc. (NYSE: RHI) has a tradition of sharing gains with shareholders through dividends distribution. The company has increased its dividend payout for 13 years consecutively. The board recently approved a fresh quarterly dividend of $0.22 per share that will be distributed on June 15. But you have to be a shareholder in Robert by close of business on May 25 to quality for the latest quarterly dividend distribution.

Paying dividends in and out of season

Robert Half International Inc. (NYSE: RHI) tries to stick to its dividend tradition at all times. For having increased dividend payout consecutively over the last 13 years, you see a company that is trying to return value to shareholders in and out of season. The 13 years of dividend increases means that Robert kept distributing dividend in the aftermath of the so-called tech bubble and in the face of the most devastating financial crisis in recent memory.

Because of its consistent dividend payout and increases, Robert shares have grown popular among income hunters. The company’s strategy of keeping dividend ratio low is another reason it could go on and on paying dividends to its shareholders at all times.

Will the rise of DIY staffing tools hurt Robert Half International Inc. (NYSE: RHI)’s business?

Staffing companies are increasingly getting worried about the rise of alternative staffing platforms. With these platforms, hiring companies can do the recruitment themselves and skirt third-party staffing providers such as Robert Half International Inc. (NYSE:RHI). Will the rise of DIY staffing platforms put Robert out of business?

There is a valid cause of concern regarding the rise of DIY staffing tools, but remember those tools have been around for years and during that period Robert has kept growing. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that Robert has a way of dealing with the challenge and that is correct. The one key area that Robert is combating the threat of DIY staffing platforms is through highly differentiated products that have no close substitutes. As such, the company is not only able to keep customers locked in, but also protect margins.

Robert Half International Inc. (NYSE: RHI) 1Q2016 earnings

Robert Half International Inc. (NYSE:RHI) generated revenue of $1.3 billion and posted EPS of $0.64 in 1Q2016, thus meeting the consensus estimate at both levels.


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