xG Technology Inc (NASDAQ:XGTI) Integrated Microwave Technologies Does Well At 2016 SET Expo


IMT, integrated Microwave Technologies, which is a smaller unit of XG Technology Inc (NASDAQ:XGTI), is a leader and pioneer in advanced digital microwave systems. During the SET expo, the company showcased a variety of portable and wireless products at the Video data booth.

Some of the technologies that were being showcased include DR3 IP Diversity Receiver, CRx6, CIRA S-X6, as well as microLite -Aerial Transmitter.

The Stake That IMT Has Set For Themselves

CEO and Chairman of the board of xG Technology; George Schmitt, stated that ‘IMT has staked a leadership position in powering drone applications’, he further went to explain that IMT already had products implemented into various activities including watersports, golf, as well as motocross live event broadcasts.

Schmitt continued stating that the fact that IMT was a featured presenter, illustrated the exciting global growth potential for commercial drone technologies such as IMT solutions.

The Breakdown Of The Various Products IMT Was Showcasing

The microLite Aerial Transmitter is specifically designed with regards to UAV and drone applications in mind, through a system of wireless video transmissions – real-time, high-quality video is submitted back to the application.

The next item that was showcased by IMT was the DR3 Receiver, which is a third generation receiver, which primarily implemented the features of the popular DR1 and DR2, along with additional innovative features that aid in setting it apart from competitors in the market.

The CRx6 was also showcased, this is a six-way receiver, which is able to offer superior RF Performance and IP56-rated environmental durability if you wish to implement it externally. Multiple CRx6 receivers can be paired together over a vast distance in order to cross a wide geographic location.

Last and not least, the CIRA-Sx6, which is a six-way receiver, however, unlike the CRx6; this receiver is integrated into a pod, with six segments, due to this the receiver is able to deliver a full rotation (360 degrees of coverage.) This receiver was designed specifically in to ensure that signal is never lost and human intervention is not possible.


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